There's Finally a Healthier Way to Sit!
There's Finally a Healthier Way to Sit!

Nuchair solves the problem of sitting back pain by improving your posture while seated.

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Jarde in office 740h
Jarde in office 740h

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There's Finally a Healthier Way to Sit!
There's Finally a Healthier Way to Sit!

Nuchair solves the problem of sitting back pain by improving your posture while seated.

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There's Finally a Healthier Way to Sit!
NuChair Solves the Problem of Sitting Back Pain

Nuchair's Leading

  • Let's you sit without pain

  • Improves posture

  • Allows you to sit longer comfortably

  • Strengthens postural muscles

  • Helps reduce incidences of back injury

NuChair Promotes
Deeper Breathing:

  • Reducing fatigue

  • Increasing energy and productivity

  • Improving focus and immunity

  • Leaves you feeling fresh all day

  • Visit the following link for more information on the: Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing

NuChair Promotes Good Poster and Relieves Sitting Back Pain

How Does NuChair Work to Reduce Back Pain?

NuChair maintains your standing posture while you sit.  It does so Comfortably,  Effortlessly, and Automatically.  By doing this, it eliminates the cause of the pain associated with extended sitting - So Goodbye Pain!


We're a small company, so we provide huge customer service and support.  We've teamed with one of the largest and best quality furniture manufacturers in the USA to prototype, design, and manufacture NuChair.  NuChair has passed testing confirming it exceeds the ANSI/BIFMA industry standards for furniture safety and durability.

Here is What the Experts Say...

Have a good life with less pain

NuChair is a wonderful new concept of how to sit while maintaining proper alignment of your lower back.  Dr. Amit is one of many DPTs that has tried NuChair and will be integrating it into a comprehensive therapeutic program where indicated.

More than just pain relief

NuChair adds some serious health benefits by promoting deep, diaphragmatic breathing, which leads to greater oxygenation of the blood.  The list of benefits is extensive, including lowering blood pressure, increasing energy, and improving alertness.  See a longer list of the Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing by clicking this link.

Nuchair Money Back Guarantee
NuChair 5 Year Chair Warranty

Terms Apply

NuChair's Unique Features

NuChair eliminates sitting back pain by maintaining your standing POSTURE, from you head down to your pelvis, while you are sitting.  Comfortably and effortlessly.

Total relief.  No back pain.  Better health!

NuChair Eliminates Sitting Back Pain

Get rid of the pain

NuChair's patented design helps reduce the pain associated with sitting, often providing total relief

NuChair Promotes Good Posture

Want great posture?  No problem

NuChair puts you in great posture automatically.  It's great for kids too.  Posture challenged no more

NuChair Promotes Good Poster and Relieves Sitting Back Pain
NuChair - Sit Comfortably Effortlessly

Sit comfortably, effortlessly

No more fidget and strain to sit straight.  Finding your Perfect Posture in NuChair is quick, easy, and relaxing.

NuChair Promotes Better Breathing While Sitting

The health benefits of Deep Breathing

NuChair expands the lungs, promoting deeper breathing, increasing energy, alertness and immunity.  Recover faster from exercise

The most comfortable chair

After trying dozens of chairs and still feeling stiff and sore, NuChair is the only one that leaves you feeling fresh at the end of the day.

This chair works! 

I'll keep the chair!

NuChair supports your back better, even though the "back" is in the front.  NuChair is a lot better for your posture than conventional chairs. 

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Why Does My Back Hurt When I Sit?

When you stand with good posture your lower spine, also known as the lumbar, curves backward.  When you sit in a conventional chair your pelvis tucks under, causing your lumbar spine to bend forward, as shown in the graphic.  You can see in this picture how this compresses the front of the lumbar vertebrae, squeezing the discs between.  The disks become irritated and inflamed, leading to the pain that so many of us feel when we sit for extended periods.  All conventional chairs do this.

NuChair eliminates this cause of lower back pain by maintaining the rearward curve of the lumbar vertebrae while you sit - Comfortably, Effortlessly, Automatically.

NuChair provides a new comfortable and ergonomic way to sit, but one of the biggest benefits I have found is for cool down & recovery from ball games and strenuous workouts.  Before NuChair, laying on a flat surface was my go-to recovery, but that left my back stiff and often with a day or two of back pain.  Sitting in NuChair for thirty minutes or more after heavy athletic events lets me relax in a perfect, comfortable position so my back cools down without cramping or getting out of place.  Thanks NuChair for providing me quicker workout recovery with no back pain.  (Dave P.)

NuChair really does feel better.  I don’t even have to move, it’s perfect.  It gets me right where I need to be.  NuChair fits just right.  Wow!  (Jade T.)

The last two weeks were great!  Usually the pain returns within just a couple of days of my regular Chiropractic adjustment.  This time, no pain till my next appointment!  I can't wait to get my own NuChair.  Thanks!!!   (John A.)

I had the opportunity to test for a couple of weeks the NuChair.  As a 6’3” 240 lb man with back problems, it was amazing how this chair provided relief to my back.  I sit at a computer most of my day, and NuChair is something I’ve long been searching for to address the medical issues with my lower back.  A few of my colleagues were intrigued with the chair so I gave each turns using it.  All were really impressed and liked it.  For sure NuChair will be a great addition to any office and employee as part of the overall health and wellbeing in the workplace.   (Juan I.)

NuChair puts me in perfect posture.  It really improves my circulation and my breathing when I’m sitting, very comfortably.  If you want good posture, and you really need to perform, NuChair is the perfect chair for you.  (Monica)

These are just a few of the thousands of people who tried NuChair during three years of design and prototyping.  They loved NuChair and you will too!

And that's just the beginning.  We'll be adding more videos of user reactions and expert testimonials we've come across over the last several years of design engineering and trials during NuChair's development and refinement.

NuChair Relieves Back Pain

Relieves Back Pain

NuChair is built right here in the USA.  Each chair is built to order, so get your NuChair order in now.

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