Hi, I'm Mike Arnett, Inventor of NuChair.  Many years ago I injured my back during an athletic event.  Over time I healed, but was still unable to sit at my office desk for very long without experiencing  back pain.  When I got up, the pain would remain, and often I would need an adjustment before I could stand straight again.  No matter what I tried, conventional chairs did not work for me.

Not surprisingly, I found that I was not alone.  Studies show that approximately 80% of Americans will experience back pain during their lives.  A majority of those with lower back pain sit at a desk for most of their work day.  It became clear to me that the human back just wasn't designed for the conventional chair.   There had to be a better way to sit.


I set out to come up with a solution.  After a long period of searching, and dozens of dead ends, the concept of NuChair came to me in a dream.  I built it, and IT WORKED!  Now, after years of use, and countless improvements and refinements, the patented NuChair is ready for you. 

Try my NuChair, you'll be glad you did.  Your back will be happy too!