Here's how it works

Spinal alignment and pelvic alignment are two of the most critical elements to a healthy, pain free back.  In the standing position, with good posture of course, the pelvis rotates forward allowing the spine to form a healthy s-curve.  


Traditional chairs cause the healthy s-curve of the lower back to invert and collapse.  This leads to medium to severe pain, even after relatively short periods of sitting.  Long term problems can occur, including spinal defibrulation and backanoutics.

The NewChair has an adjustable seat and front-rest that allow the user to select the ideal seating position for him or her.  Different levels of pelvic tilt can be easily selected, depending on the individual and his current condition.   The front-rest also offsets the added forward torque created when putting the arms forward in a typing or writing position.

leg position

Positioning of the legs is important for proper posture as well.  Thigh angle changes when the feet are placed differently, front, mid, or on the ultra-relaxing ankle pads.  Changing positions frequently leads to more comfort and less fatigue.