Can you purchase NuChair with your FSA account?


Yes, a specialized or ergonomic chair, such as NuChair, should be eligible for purchase with your FSA (Flexible Spending Account), HSA (Health Savings Account), or HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) account.

The first thing you should do is contact your company FSA Administrator or your benefits provider to verify the procedure.  You do have a special debit card for your health account, but for ergonomic chairs most often you’ll be required to follow some or all of the following steps:

  • Obtain a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from your physician, chiropractor, or therapist.  Make a virtual or in person appointment with your doctor to explain your symptoms, if you haven’t already.  This step may or may not be necessary, so check with your FSA Administrator.


  • Purchase your NuChair from our website at, and make sure to save your receipt. 


  • Obtain a claim form for your FSA account.  You may have been given one in your FSA welcome package, or your FSA Administrator can provide one.  Your FSA provider may offer online submission, which may be easier for you.


  • Submit your claim with all of the required documents.  Reimbursement will usually occur within 10-14 days.


  • You may need to get an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company.  This shows that your purchase was not covered under your insurance.  Usually required for HRA only.


What should be included in the Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN)


Per IRS regulations, the LMN:

  1. must be signed by the physician, on the physicians letterhead

  2. must include diagnosis and/or condition

  3. must describe the treatment required

  4. must describe the length of treatment


Here is a more detailed listing of things that should be on the LMN:

  • Patient Information

  • Patient’s name

  • Patient’s date of birth

  • Name of the insurance policyholder

  • Policy number

  • Group number

  • Date of the letter Physician Information

  • Name of treating physician

  • Area of specialty

  • Physician’s License number

  • Physician’s contact information

  • Date of the last exam performed by the physician

  • Diagnosis, make sure it is specific, using medical terminology

  • Recommended treatment, it’s good to mention NuChair here.

  • Length of treatment

  • Relevant medical history

  • Medical Necessity, make sure your LMN mentions why NuChair is medically necessary, such as how you expect it to prevent your back pain from getting worse or improve the quality of your life.

It seems like a long list, but your doctor’s office should know their way around it.  Providing them with this list is a good idea.


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