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Frequently asked questions

How does NuChair work?

NuChair's unique geometry and forward seating design allows you to maintain your standing posture, from your head down to your pelvis, while you sit. This seating position aleviates slouching, relieves back strain and stress, and eliminates the compression that conventional seating creates in the lower back or Lumbar area of the spine. NuChair's design does this for you comfortably, and without the effort that is required to sit straight in conventional seating.

Will NuChair work for me?

We have found that about 80 percent of the thousands of people who have tried NuChair have found instant comfort over and above what they experience in conventional chairs. Some people experience no back pain (yet) in conventional chairs, and are comfortable with the compression of their lumbar, lungs, and rib cage. Some people with leg or hip problems may find it difficult to mount and dismount from NuChair. Some people may have other medical conditions that make the front support design uncomfortable, such as later stages of pregnancy, shingles, surgical incisions or other injuries to the stomach and abdomen, and certain rare spinal conditions.

Is NuChair's front support seating better than conventional rear support chairs?

In many ways, yes. First off, front support seating reduces strain on your back. Do you ever reach your arms behind you when sitting in a chair? Probably not, most everything you do is out in front of you. Reaching your hands/arms forward creates stress on your upper and lower back. NuChair's has moved the chair "back" to the front, providing support and strain relief for your back whenever you reach forward. Second, front support seating promotes better posture. Ever turned a conventional chair around and sat with the back in front? Exactly.